Products We Love

My clients know I only recommend products I have used with my own dogs. I am happy share these with you.

Premier K9 of Middle TN is pleased to announce that they are an affiliate partner with Antinol! Antinol is an all-natural, sustainably harvested mussel lipid joint supplement. Huckleberry has been on Antinol since October 2021 and has not needed medicinal suport. Huckleberry has a weak back and rear from his cancer ordeal. He has been on and off NSAIDS and other muscle relaxers for 5 years. For more information about Antinol, please visit To order Antinol and receive a discount, click here.

*Always consult with your veterinarian for more information about your pup’s health.

Snuffle mat, Tug Toys

Nancy Nye owner of Beanie Braided Leashes creates tugs toys and snuffle mats that have stood up to the hard play of Huckleberry. I have used other products, but nothing compares to the snuffle mats and hol-ee roller tug toys that Nancy makes. The fleece remains tightly tied together. Please note these are interactive toys. You should even be present when your pup hunts through the snuffle mat. To see all of her offerings, click here.

Biothane Leash from CSJCreations

I LOVE the biothane leashes I bought at the end of the Summer 2021. The options on these leashes are endless from using the handle and clip as a traditional leash to wrapping it around your waist to provide you with a hands-free option. They hold up well to all weather conditions. They are easy to clean. You can customize colors, length, width-anything really. Check out the CSJCreations page.

Harnesses and Coats

Huckleberry and Finnegan at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Headquarters in Le Mars, IA. Huckleberry is wearing the y-padded harness. Finnegan is wearing the razzle dazzle harness which ended up being too big for him on the long run. Both boys are wearing their CSJCreations leashes.

I know how hard it is to find a well-made and well-fitting harness and coat for your dog. It took me 4 attempts to find a harness that fit Finnegan. I want a harness that allows for free range of motion of the shoulders, is VERY easy to put on the dog, and is easy for the dog to wear. The same is true for a coat. I have found the Finnish company, Hurtta, has products that check all of the boxes. My boys wear a fleece-lined coat when they play in the snow or if the wind-chill causes the temperature to be below 20 degrees. They both use the Y-padded harness. For the harness options click here.

Coats are a challenge as well. Measure twice, order once! I tend to order as long down the back as possible. This allows some more length down the back legs and their chest. Check out all of these options to see what works with your pup’s needs. Coat options