Rally Classes


Introduction to Competition Rally Obedience

TBD $200, 8 Weeks, Late Winter 2022

Rally Obedience is a sport where a dog/handler team follows a series of stations which depict behaviors the team must perform. Each team is scored out of a total of 100 points for the entire course of up to 20 stations that the judge creates. The team’s run is timed. One difference between Rally Obedience and Traditional Obedience is that the handler is allowed to talk to the dog throughout the entire course.

The goal of this class is to introduce the dog/handler team to the sport of Rally Obedience. The team will learn the behaviors associated with each sign and be prepared to enter a Rally Novice competition. The student will become proficient in the 42 behaviors/ signs from which a judge creates a Novice course. By the end of the 8 weeks, the student will know the ring procedures, have a mental management plan for competition, and will have run multiple courses from actual trials. This course will follow the AKC rules and signs as AKC opportunities are more prevalent in our area.