Manners Classes

7 week old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy

Puppy Manners 1: 5 weeks, Ages 10 weeks – 1 year.

TBD-Check back for future dates

This class is designed to help you and your puppy form a lifelong bond with each other. You will learn how to listen to your pup by watching his ears, eyes and tail. Your puppy will learn to look to you when he is worried or distracted. You will help your puppy be calm when he goes to the vet or the groomer.

13 week old English bulldog puppy

Your pup will learn to settle on a mat and in a crate, come to you when you ask, give you focus and attention when you need it from him. He will be comfortable with you touching him on his paws, checking his ears and his teeth.  

You will learn how to socialize your pup, exposing him to the world in which we live so he is comfortable and confident.

Puppy Manners 2: 5 weeks, – Ages 16 weeks-52 weeks

Puppy 1 is a pre-requisite .

Building on Puppy 1, this class will help you and your pup learn to walk on a loose leash, continue to expose the puppy to our world, work on settling in more challenging environments using mat games and impulse control games.

9 month old Tollers waiting on a mat

These classes are designed to help your puppy look to you when he needs guidance of any kind. These classes are not for puppy play time. Puppy socials are important for puppies to learn about dog communication. These can be arranged with your fellow students in the safety of your homes. When you and your pup come to class, it is a special time for the two of you to work together.  

Adult Dog Manners 1, 6 weeks, – For dogs over 1 year of age.

TBD-Check back for future dates

9 year old Huckleberry learning to settle on a mat

This class is designed for dogs who are over 1 year of age. We will focus on life skills such as settling on a mat or in a crate, giving eye contact, rewarding for calm behavior, coming to you when you want and leash walking. We will use fun, interactive games so the dog will want to be with you to play these games.

You will learn about the reinforcement zone, how a dog can choose desired behaviors, and how a trigger for your dog can turn into an opportunity to get a treat.

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