Dog Training Classes

Occassionally, Premier K9 of Middle TN will offer group classes. Please check here, and our Facebook page, for the most up to date class information.

Puppy Manners 1 – Build your relationship with your puppy.

You will learn to use the techniques associated with positive reinforcement methods to teach your puppy life skills. In a modern approach to the commands of sit, stay, come, your puppy will learn to touch his nose to your hand, give you eye contact, and settle on a mat.

Puppy Manners 2 – Builds on the concepts of Puppy Manners 1

Building on Puppy 1, this class will help you and your pup learn to walk on a loose leash, continue to expose the puppy to our world, work on settling in more challenging environments using mat games and impulse control games.

Adult Manners Class – Building your relationship with you adult dog

This class is designed for dogs who are over 1 year of age. We will focus on life skills such as settling on a mat or in a crate, giving eye contact, rewarding for calm behavior, coming to you when you want and leash walking. We will use fun, interactive games so the dog will want to be with you to play these games.

Foundations for Dog Sports – Introducing the building blocks for success in the dog sport world

The competitive world of dog sports is built on the same foundations: basic obedience, body awareness, building drive, working through impulse control and most importantly, creating a bond between the human and canine teammates. Whether you want to participate in competitive obedience, rally obedience, agility, scent work, barn hunt, or any of the other dog sports, you will need these foundation skills for success.  

Rally Classes – build the successful foundations and skills necessary to have a successful journey in the rally obedience ring.

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Class Location starting in Late Winter 2022, Never Go Back Ranch, 3337 Beech Log Rd, Watertown, TN