Jennifer Goldberg, KPA Certified Training Professional

Based in Madison, Wisconsin


Jennifer Goldberg started Premier K9 of Middle TN because she saw a need for a personalized training business that is based on the science of positive-reinforcement. She has compiled ideas about training because of interactions with her own dogs while staying current with new research and techniques.

Jennifer, in her own words:

I have owned dogs for over 15 years. I have learned about dog behavior through not only my own dogs but also from dogs I see in classes, events, and while walking the neighborhood. I recently completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Training Professional program. This 6 month, intensive course teaches science-based, positive reinforcement training for trainers to teach the dogs and their owners. This is a very select program and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Every dog I bring home goes to class. We learn together. All but one of my dogs has learned using a clicker. All have been trained using positive reinforcement of cookies and toys, depending on the dog’s value of that toy or treat.  At home we continue to practice what we learn in class. The adult dogs keep practicing, too. To the dogs, we are playing a game. That’s the way it should be – fun for the dog. And, hopefully, fun for you.

Sit-stay at West Virginia Welcome center.

Dogs are always talking to us and telling us their story. As I train the dogs, I watch for their body to tell me what they are thinking. Their eyes, ears and tails tell us so much. They tell us if they understand the concept, if they need a little more help, and even if they are bored-just to name a few. With this knowledge, I train the dog to trust me.

My goal for all of my dogs is that they are well-mannered house dogs. They know about spending time in a crate, being quiet, and walking well on a leash. They can sit calmly outside at a restaurant. Because of what I have taught them, they are able to travel with us across the country and into Canada. We have taught them rules. But to them, we taught them games.