Well-mannered pups share in your adventures at home, about town, and across the country!

Do you want your dog to be able to travel the world? Do you want your pup to be welcome at your friends’ and families’ homes?

But is he lacking some manners?

Do you want to create special memories as you travel across the country, or across town? Pup is in a sit-stay. No one is holding his leash.
Pups sitting on a bench at the visitor’s center in Innisfil, ON. They are on a sit-stay without anyone holding the leash.

Maybe there is no fenced-in yard so you need some leash-walking skills. Maybe your pup needs to learn to be alone in a crate while you go out to play.

I can help!

My pups have traveled the US and Canada. They are taught to be respectful of their neighbors and housemates. They are repeatedly allowed to return to their hosts’ homes. I can help your dogs to have the same manners.

Niagara Falls. The Candian side is very dog-friendly. Do you want to have a pup well-behaved enough to visit the wonders of the world?

What others are saying about Premier K9 of Middle TN and Jennifer:

Michele S. “Check out Premier K9 of Middle TN / Jennifer Goldberg! She prefers to come to your home to assist you and teach you how to train your dog. She focuses on positive training, the fundamentals of a solidly trained dog, and helping the owner become their dog’s trainer. Jennifer also participants in many different dog sports such as agility, Rally obedience, advanced tricks, and field tests with her dogs.”

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